Home Advice 10 Tips for Kids With Broken Bones

10 Tips for Kids With Broken Bones

10 Tips for Kids With Broken Bones

Having a broken bone is not fun, so follow these tips to help you get out of that cast in no time!

  1. Don’t play sports while wearing a cast.
  2. Try to keep your cast dry.
  3. Use a blow dryer to stop any itches that happen underneath your cast.
  4. Don’t stick things in your your cast.
  5. Don’t play rough while wearing your cast.
  6. Choose a light color cast if you want your friends to sign it.
  7. Don’t sleep on your cast.
  8. Don’t carry things with your cast.
  9. Try not to fall on your cast.
  10. When your cast comes off, be careful not to break it again!
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<ul><li>2nd Grade</li> <li>I am really good at math.</li> <li>I love to play on my iPad.</li> <li>I had a broken arm.</li> <li>I have been playing baseball for 4 years.</li> <li>I have 1 dog named Lemmy.</li> <li>I had a cat, Amos, but he passed away.</li> <li>I have 1 sister, Kirsten.</li> <li>I live in a 2-story house.</li></ul>