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Bottle Flipping

Bottle Flipping

Bottle flipping is a thing most DCS students are doing, and it has been going on ever since the school year started. While most people think bottle flipping is cool, I don’t think it is a good idea.

Kids can get hurt by bottle flipping. A bottle that is thrown in the air can hit any innocent person that is in range.  Someone could get really hurt if a bottle is launched in the air and hits them on the head. If a bottle cap is thrown or flies off, it could hit someone in the eye, which could cause some serious damage.  Bottle flipping is even hazardous for school property, because flipping a bottle in the classroom can break or damage items.

I think bottle flipping provides cheap entertainment, but I don’t think it is worth the risk.


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<ul><li>3rd Grade.</li> <li>8 years old</li> <li>My favorite food is cheeseburgers.</li> <li>I like Pokemon and collecting Pokemon cards.</li> <li>My favorite sport is baseball.</li> <li>Drawing is one of my hobbies.</li> <li>I enjoy writing stories.</li> <li>I like to read.</li> <li>I like to play Minecraft.</li> <li>My lucky number is 5.</li> <li>My favorite colors are blue and black.</li></ul>