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DCS Cheer is Back!

DCS Cheer is Back!

Chloe Karoum and Leila Karoum

On January, 4th, 2017 it was just a normal school day… for most kids. But about 30 DCS students had butterflies in their stomachs. Why? Well, on that beautiful sunny day cheer tryouts were taking place! During the cheer tryouts we worked on tumbling, stunting, and jumps. Then, emails were sent out to the parents to notify them if their kids made the team. See you at the competition!

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<ul> <li>4th Grade</li> <li>9 years old.</li> <li>My top 2 movies are <em>Star Wars</em> and <em>Zootopia</em>.</li> <li>My favorite foods are spaghetti, cotton candy, ice cream, eggs, and bacon.</li> <li>My favorite animal is a duck.</li> <li>I love to play soccer, do cheerleading, and go ice-skating.</li> <li>My favorite number is 8.</li> <li>My favorite subject is math.</li> <li>I love to write.</li> </ul>