A Dogs New Purpose


A Dog’s Purpose

2017 ‧ Fantasy/Drama film ‧ 2 hours

The movie “A Dog’s Purpose” is about a dog named Bailey who travels through life with happiness, fun times, and sadness. I have not seen the movie yet myself, but I’m so exited to watch it! Here are some critic reviews.
Director Lasse Hallstrom specializes in emotional, feel-good fare that can make audiences cry, and this tearjerking drama is no exception. Full review
Sandie Angulo Chen
Common Sense Media
You don’t need an animal-rights group’s boycott to give you permission to avoid A Dog’s Purpose. You can skip it just because it’s clumsily manipulative dreck. Full review
Neil Genzlinger
The NYTimes
A Dog’s Purpose is the kind of movie Christian moviegoers often say that we’d like to see: a sweet story that doggedly avoids gratuitous content.Full review
Adam R. Holz
Plugged In
By the end, I was worn out by all the selfless devotion, all the joyous running across meadows and wheat fields while the camera soars as high as a dog’s love for his human.Full review
Farran Smith Nehme
Along with its unabashed appeal to sentimental memories of childhood pets, this film revels in mom-and-apple-pie nostalgia for an America that no longer exists, if it ever existed.Full review
Katie Rife
A.V. Club
Mr. Hallström’s graceful touch serves both species equally well; the humans on screen enhance the presence of their faithful canines.Full review
Joe Morgenstern
Wall Street Journal
Director Lasse Hallström — whose “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale” demonstrated the filmmaker’s skill and soft heart for dog tales — does a serviceable job of managing the action.Full review
Michael O’Sullivan
Washington Post
 “This movie has affected countless lives. And I hope does the same to you.”
My review on “A Dog’s Purpose” will be coming soon!
-Talia Krumkop
DCS journalist
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