Alby Sanchez

Basketball season is back in action!  Coach Johnny and Mr. Hoon are coaching again this year, and everybody is ready for it!  Coach Johnny and Mr. Hoon teach you everything you need to know to be a great basketball player – how to dribble. how to shoot, and how to play defense.  If you were able to catch the first game, you know the Owls will be a threat to everyone this season.  The games are played on Saturdays, and practices are held during the week.  All DCS basketball teams are doing amazing, and nothing will stop us this year!  What are you waiting for?  Let’s go play some basketball!  See you on the court!

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<ul> <li>My favorite baseball team is the New York Yankees.</li> <li>I like to eat pizza.</li> <li>I play baseball.</li> <li>I play basketball.</li> <li>I know how to surf.</li> <li>My favorite color is blue.</li> <li>I like Star Wars.</li> <li>I am good at math.</li> <li>I’m cool!</li> <li>I’m funny!</li> </ul>