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Chickens are cool animals.  They are mysterious because they stop laying eggs in winter. In groups, there will always be a dominant chicken.  I have three chickens.  My dominant chicken’s name is Flyer.  She is a BEAUTIFUL chicken.  Two of my chickens are brown and lay brown eggs. Their names are Flyer and Gold.  I also have a chicken named Big White. Big White is white and a little black, and she lays white eggs. I love them so much!  Two of my chickens are nice, but on the other hand, Flyer, the dominant one, sits there pecking your feet very hard and very fast! It can get annoying pretty quickly. They love weeds, and they can be great lawnmowers! My family and I built their chicken coop, and it was fun and easy.  I LOVE CHICKENS!

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<ul><li>3rd Grade.</li> <li>I love bunnies.</li> <li>I like to ride my bike.</li> <li>I like to play Minecraft.</li> <li>My favorite food is Sushi.</li> <li>My favorite movie is <em>The Little Prince</em>.</li> <li>My favorite game to play is tag.</li> <li>My favorite T.V. show is <em>Teen Titans Go</em>.</li> <li>My favorite color is pink.</li> <li>I enjoy drawing.</li></ul>