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Mrs. Haddad is Pregnant!

Mrs. Haddad is Pregnant!

Mrs. Haddad is having a baby! Will it be a boy or girl? I am doing a vote on if kids think her baby is a boy or a girl Please see me, Chloe Karoum, at recess if you would like to vote. You may also vote in the comment section below! The results will be posted soon!

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<ul> <li>4th Grade</li> <li>9 years old.</li> <li>My top 2 movies are <em>Star Wars</em> and <em>Zootopia</em>.</li> <li>My favorite foods are spaghetti, cotton candy, ice cream, eggs, and bacon.</li> <li>My favorite animal is a duck.</li> <li>I love to play soccer, do cheerleading, and go ice-skating.</li> <li>My favorite number is 8.</li> <li>My favorite subject is math.</li> <li>I love to write.</li> </ul>