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Mrs. Kettleson’s Due Date!!

Mrs. Kettleson’s Due Date!!

Did you know Mrs. Kettleson is having a baby?  Well, if you didn’t…she’s having a baby!  I asked some students at school to predict the date that they think Mrs. Kettleson’s baby will be born. There were various guesses.  Some people think the baby will be born on the 4th of July. But most people think the baby’s due date is the 10th of July.  What do you think? Please comment below with your prediction!


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<ul><li>6th Grade</li> <li>I love to draw.</li> <li>I enjoy messing with my little sister.</li> <li>I like to relax and read.</li> <li>I enjoy walking around my neighborhood.</li> <li>I love to play with my dogs.</li> <li>I am shy.</li> <li>I am helpful.</li> <li>I am the middle child.</li> <li>My favorite color is blue.</li></ul>