Top 10 Best Pokemon


Just like many DCS students, I am a huge Pokemon fan!  There are so many Pokemon characters to like, but only a select few get the honor of being my favorite.  Here is my Top 10 of the best Pokemon.

Number 10: Ash Greninga. Ash Greninga is a special Greninga that has the ability “battle bond”, so whenever he knocks out a Pokemon, he turns into Ash Greninga. The major change is that the move, “water shuriken” does double damage.

Number 9: Tapu Koko. Tapu Koko is the first tapu you meet. The only reason I prefer koko over bulu is because koko has won a lot of battles for me.

Number 8: Zygarde 100%. Zygarde 100% is hard to get. You have to get a Zygarde with the ability “power construct”, then at half HP he transforms into 100%.

Number 7: Toxapex. Well, he’s just plain cool. He has a signature move called “baneful bunker”, which is like “protect” but with contact moves it poisons the attacker.  Also, he’s just very rare.

Number 6: Mewto. Well, we all like Mewto!  Also, he is a beast when it comes to battling, and his mega evolutions are awesome.

Number 5: Charizard. Well, we all knew it, Charizard is my favorite “fire type” Pokemon. I always use Charizard in battle.

Number 4: Solgaleo.  Solgaleo is a “steel type” lion. I mean, how could I not like him?

Number 3: Lunala. Lunala is a moon Pokemon, and also is a great asset to any team.

Number 2: Ditto. Ditto is pretty much everything because it can transform into anything, and also is cool and shiny.

Number 1: Darkri. Well, where do I begin?  Darkri is a dream eating territory taking “dark type” beast in battling.

I hoped you enjoyed!  What are your favorite Pokemon?  Share your opinion in the comments below.




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