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Homeless Helpers

Homeless Helpers

Recently, fellow students, Mikey, Jonathan, Makenna, McKayla, Bella and myself were involved in a group project to help others within the community. We decided to help the homeless, as these folks don’t have many of the necessities that we often take for granted.

Since the women and children at the homeless shelter need supplies, but lack the provisions to buy these items, my project group and I decided that we would place donation boxes around our school. We thought that donations for the homeless could be brought in to DCS by our school community, and then be distributed to Shade Tree, a homeless shelter for women.

It was a success!  The donation period took place from Monday, February, 20th to Thursday, March 3rd. Items then went directly to the families at Shade Tree.

It was a great project to be involved in as I think it is really important to give back to the community.

What are ways you like to help out around your community?

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