Go DCS!!! On Thursday, February 9th, DCS had their first pep rally. All of the basketball players, soccer players, and cheerleaders had lunch together outside of the 6 – 8 building before it began. The reason for the pep rally is to congratulate the sports teams and to promote school spirit.  After everyone finished their lunch, the whole school went over to the pep rally. First the cheerleaders performed. Then the basketball players and soccer players were introduced. After that, the band played. The first pep rally was a hit for sure! See you at the next pep rally!!!!!

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<ul> <li>My favorite baseball team is the New York Yankees.</li> <li>I like to eat pizza.</li> <li>I play baseball.</li> <li>I play basketball.</li> <li>I know how to surf.</li> <li>My favorite color is blue.</li> <li>I like Star Wars.</li> <li>I am good at math.</li> <li>I’m cool!</li> <li>I’m funny!</li> </ul>