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The DCS Second Annual Rubik’s Cube Challenge!!!

The DCS Second Annual Rubik’s Cube Challenge!!!
The Rubik's Cube

Most of you probably have either heard of, or seen a Rubik’s Cube. It is a challenging, yet fun 3×3 puzzle cube toy, that can teach you and allow you to practice many lifelong skills. These include patience, persistence, concentration, and problem-solving. I welcome you to participate at the DCS Second Annual Rubik’s Cube Challenge. It will be on April 5th, 2017, during lunch. There will be a fun ceremony with music and more! The event will take place at the 6-8 building playground, and all students 1-8 grade are invited to either watch or participate. All Rubik’s Cube Club Members and DCS Rubik’s Cube Team Members will be there. The challenge will consist of three rounds and prizes for the top three winners, and certificates for all participants. For reminders, look for posters around the school. Hope to see you all there to create one more memorable experience here at DCS!

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