Home Advice SBAC/Standardized Testing Tips (Volume I)

SBAC/Standardized Testing Tips (Volume I)

SBAC/Standardized Testing Tips (Volume I)

Are you nervous, excited, or scared for this year’s state testing? If you’re scared, don’t be. The purpose of tests are to let teachers know where you’re at academically, so they can know what they need to teach you next. Not convinced? Well, here are some tips for SBAC Testing (3rd grade and up).

Sleep well. Sleeping will allow your brain to sort through all the information you know, therefore making you ready to perform at your best.

Eat breakfast, preferably protein. Eating in the morning will help give you energy in order for you to be able to think and be prepared for the tests.

Study well. Studying will prepare you for any question that comes up. Study and you’ll surely do good!

Stay calm. Don’t stress out on a problem that you can’t solve. If you stare at it for too long, you will lose your attitude for the rest of the questions.

Have a positive attitude. Come to class with a smile on your face. Your choice to be happy or not is psychological. This means that if you want to be excited, you can be.

Don’t rush. Rushing on problems makes you do more mistakes than on a question that you don’t understand. Even if you’re behind, take your time for your own good.

Take a sample test. Taking an SBAC sample test will allow you to get an idea of what the testing questions will resemble. Also, taking a sample test for at least a grade lower than yours, or, if you feel confident, one grade above yours will help prepare you better.

I will be doing a series of more tips for the next few weeks. Some of these will include interviews with teachers and some middle school students who have taken many SBACs. Reply below with your tips, and questions about testing!


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