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SBAC/Standardized Testing Tips (Volume II)

SBAC/Standardized Testing Tips (Volume II)

Hello! This is volume 2 of my SBAC testing tips articles. This one will be filled with tips from a couple of math and ELA teachers, Mrs. Weeks and Mrs. Suhr.

  • Get lots of sleep.  Sleep will allow your brain to process lots of information from what you’ve learned.
  • Eat Breakfast. Eating breakfast in the morning will give you energy to think on the test.
  • Be on time. Don’t rush yourself, but be on time to school. This way you will have some extra time to prepare yourself for the SBACs.
  • Stay positive.  A positive attitude will allow you to be open-minded and better on test problems. Be happy!
  • Don’t stress.  Focusing on a question for a long time will make it seem more confusing by the minute. If a problem bugs you, skip it, and come back to it. The answer may just come to you.

So there you are, 5 more testing tips for your convenience. I will be doing a few more tip articles to help prepare everyone for this years SBACs. Comment below with questions and your tips!

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