Top 10 Least Favorite Pokemon 😡


Warning! This article contains my very strong opinion. Anyone sensitive to another’s opinion may want to turn away, but thanks for looking!

Top 10 Least Favorite Pokémon:

Number 10: The Bulbasaur Line. Ok, ok, I hate Bulbasaur!  He’s not ranked higher because he has a “Mega Evolution”, and he’s also helpful in Kanto.

Number 9: Gen 1 Picachu. Before you lash out in anger at me, let me explain. Picachu is a great Pokémon, but Gen 1 messed it up. It’s fat of all things! They could have made him thinner… don’t kill me yet.

Number 8: Abra. Well, well, well, Abra, you have been an annoyance to all who don’t have better balls than basic pokeballs! Why one move? Try Game Freak! Make him have more than one move, not just teleportation.

Number 7. Burmy. Ugh! Why do all 3 of these characters’ form suck? One is leaves, one is a crumbled paper bag, and the other is squashed bubble gum!

Tied at Number 7: Combusken. First, don’t rage at me for putting a lot of starters. Secondly, you’ve seen this guy… he’s a walking chicken! I mean, Torchic is cute and Blaziken is awesome, but Combusken is just weird.

Number 6: Mr. Mime. A mime? Game Freak, that’s the best you could do?! I know it’s Gen 1 blah blah blah but I can’t accept the fact that he’s a creepy mime!

Number 5: Castform.  A Pokemon that changes form depending on weather… hmmm…sounds good at first, but what if your opponent has Sunny Day?  Well, you’re out of luck.

Number 4: Electrike. Ok, this one I’m fine with, but the mouth is just weird to me.

Number 3: Picachu. Beauty form. Its just Mary from Mary Had a Little Lamb, and it’s not even beneficial, except for in contests.

Number 2: Hoothoot. Well, here I just plain don’t like the design of it.

And finally… number 1: Brionne. This is the most awkward of all awkward middle form starters.  It’s just so bad.

Thats my top ten least favorite Pokemon. Please list yours in the comments below!

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