Lady Owls Win Again?!


On Saturday, April 22, 2017, the hearts of the DCS Lady Owls cheer team athletes are pumping hard. It’s time for final awards, and we are all squeezing each others hands with our heads down, anticipating the final Grand National Champion announcement. Suddenly, the speakers boom from the voice of the announcer. “And in first place, winning by the highest score of 91.75 points, Discovery Charter School!” Cheers fill the crowd. All the champions’ parents are screaming at the top of their poor lungs. Cheerleaders are jumping up and down, and yelling with joy. As we take our trophy back to campus, and bring our medals home, we also bring memories of happiness and success.

Over this entire school year, The DCS Lady Owls have been working at a high level of commitment to prepare for this event. We competed and won against elementary, middle school, and high school junior and varsity teams that came from all around the U.S., and for the third time in a row! Awesome job, cheerleaders, and a big shout out to Mrs. Weeks and Coach Erica! Keep up the great work, Owls!

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