Suicide Part 2


Recently, I had a friend that was dealing with some family issues, and life itself. I am here with an update!  He is alright and doing fine. I had a difficult time getting a hold of him over the weekend, I was extremely worried that it was too late. Because of this, I had written, “Suicide.”

I had a problem with suicidal thoughts. A few years ago, I was really dealing with a lot. When I was five, I moved out of the country. After four years of living outside of the United States, I moved back. I was in third grade, and it was hard because even though I was born in America, I had to learn a second language. Therefore, I had to learn the English alphabet, and so much more. Being home schooled for two years was not very fun. When I entered the fifth grade, I went to a charter school. It was the worst year of my life.

The students made fun of me, and it seemed like the teachers didn’t like me either. Feeling alone was difficult. I remember after school, running to my room and crying for around two to three hours. Life was horrible! After the school year, I was overjoyed! Then I got into Discovery, the most amazing school that I have ever had!

When I came to Discovery, everyone was so nice and welcoming. The moment I stepped on the school grounds, it was like this place was another home for me, and it is. Now that I have been here almost a whole year, I have helped people with anything that they needed. When I met my best friend, I knew he needed my help. So, I was there for him.

Helping people was the cure for me to overcome these difficulties.  Helping others not only feels great, but also makes one a good human being!

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