Top Ten Most Annoying Pokemon to Catch


Warning!  This article contains my personal opinion! If you’re sensitive to the opinions of others, turn away… but thanks for looking.

Number 10: Abra. The reason Abra is number 10 is because he’s easy to catch…with Ultra’ balls…but with regular Poke’ Balls he’s a different story.

Number 9: Kangaskhan. Kangaskhan is fine in most games, but in “Sun and Moon” you have to find a Cubone, and wait for it to call for help… but rarely it will call Kangaskhan, and in “Red and Blue” he’s in safari zone which is well, plain hard.

Number 8: Salamence. (Wow, another “Sun and Moon Pokemon”). This guy is like Cubone, but worse! So, if you catch it on Route 3, you’re lucky, because you have to find Bagon. Bagon is a 3% encounter rate and then you have to wait for the 1% Salamence to be called. The only reason he’s not higher on the list is because he can be found with a much higher chance in Seaford Cave.

Number 7: Ratata. Just joking, it’s Weavile. He’s so hard to get, that I had to get him from GTS…which if you play, you know what I mean. The only way to get Weavile in Sun and Moon is by making a “Jang-mo” call for help.

Number 6: Picachu. Picachu made it here because of Pokemon Blue. Why? Well, he’s like a 5% encounter rate in Viridian Forest, and I had a heck of a time catching one.

Number 5: The Other Legendary. Wait… before you rage at me, I’ll explain. In all games, not including Red and Blue, there are exclusive legendaries. Getting the other is hard without another copy of the game or GTS. Actually, it’s impossible to do without one of them, so if you don’t have either, then no “full pokedex” for you.

Number 4: Malamar. Now this one isn’t particularly hard, but the evolution is so weird that hardly anyone knows how to do it.  The way of evolving Inkay into Malamar is you have to get Inkay to level 30, and then turn your 3-DS around…only then it will evolve.

Number 3: Mew. Ok this is a hard Pokemon to obtain in Red and Blue. There’s a glitch, but if you must know, look up how to get Mew.

Number 2: Giratina. Ok, this is the good stuff! The way to get Giratina in Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum is you have to go through the Distortion World, and I’ve heard it’s hard.                                                                                                    NUMBER 1: Darkria and Shayman. Wow, the only way to get this is by a glitch called “tweaking.” Look it up and you’ll know exactly what to do!                                                                                                                                                          That’s my top 10. If you feel that I left a Pokemon out, tell me in the comments below. Peace out and thanks for reading!

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